Most buildings aim to conceal their utility systems. CFM’s design celebrates the building itself as the infrastructure and service provider.

Furnishings and appliances have an inherent agency that can only be measured in Cubic Feet per Minute of air; that is, CFM. As such, rentable space is defined by the air contained within furnishings and appliances.

CFM is a radical prototype for living in which tenants pay rent determined by the airflow required to inflate the furniture that fills their space; thus, residents pay only for the volume they need, and nothing more.

Each floor is a community in charge of their own layout and governance; Residents determine how they live. People should be able to move in and leave whenever they please. The cost of moving is minimal; temporally, physically, and economically.

Adaptable at the urban scale, CFM can integrate into existing communities and infrastructure or can be built as a CFM compound with a variation in size and elevation for each CFM network.

D01_Studio    2020    Situations